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Baranovichi district
executive committee
Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee - Gornovsky Denis Gennadievich
Deputy Heads

Gornovsky Denis Gennadievich

Deputy Chairman of the
Executive Committee

Phone: + (375 163) 42-39-90

Ensures the development of programs and projects of social and economic development of the district.
Developing a management scheme to local farming and communal property. Responsible for the forecast of socio-economic development of the area. Take measures aimed at developing services in the catering trade, consumer services, small and medium business, protection of consumer rights.
Responsible for the timeliness and quality of materials to be made in supervised on a meeting of executive committee.

Resolves issues:
coordination of departments, divisions in the executive committee of the Economic Development District;

rural village executive committees work on socio-economic development of areas of trade, consumer services, providing the population with fuel;
operation of enterprises and organizations of industry, catering, trade, consumer services and services of all forms of property, plant Baranovichi UE "Brestvtormet";
supply of the population (gas for consumer use);
revenue of local budget and use for its intended purpose;
circulation of money; 
reformation, reorganization and liquidation of enterprises located in the district;
co-operation of enterprises, organizations and institutions for their equity participation in social and economic development of the territory;
accounting and control of the district municipal property;
distribution of labor and employment;
entrepreneurship and investment;
certification of products;
consumer protection;
foreign economic relations;
material and secondary resources;
the protection and safety;
registration of business entities, entrepreneurs without a legal entity, small businesses, limited liability companies and other non-profit organizations;
issuance of licenses to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities;
timely payments to businesses, organizations, area wages;
implementation of social standards of public service district in supervised sectors.

Provides guidance to:
Department of Economics;
Management of labor, employment and social protection (in terms of issues to improve the system of wages and enhance motivation in the economic sectors, improvement of labor regulation and the use of labor resources, expertise, labor protection and safety, labor relations, employment).

The head of councils, commissions:
District Council of Labour and Social Affairs (co-chair);
the district commissions on labor protection;
district commission to test knowledge of occupational safety;
Prevention of economic insolvency (bankruptcy);
preparation and organization of auctions of land plots for individual housing construction;

to regulate the use of administrative buildings, production facilities and other state property;
Monitoring cash handling;
for the auctions, auctions and tenders;
on the implementation of the state, branch and regional programs and effective use of budgetary funds;
to work with the property facing the state revenue;
Development of commercial organizations;
to write off real estate, regardless of its cost and other fixed assets that are in municipal ownership of Baranovichi district, the residual value of more than 160 basic units;
to engage in the commercialization of unused state property in communal property Baranavichy district;
to address issues of investment and investment projects;
for the tenders and auctions for the sale of objects of communal property of the district;
for the organization of competitions (the procedures for requesting quotations);
conservation, plant and equipment;
Council for Labor and Social Affairs;
working group for the continuous monitoring of expenditure and subordinate organizations without departmental affiliation of funds to implement the procurement of imported goods;
Commission on the accounting, storage, evaluation and disposition of the property, detained, arrested, confiscated or turned in another way the state revenue;
Procurement Commission with executive committee.

Provides the interface to work with:
Inspection of the Ministry for Taxes and Dues of the Republic of Belarus in Baranavichy district;
Department of Statistics of Baranovichi and Baranavichy district of the Brest Regional Department of Statistics;
District Department of Social Protection Fund;
Mission PRUSP "Belgosstrakh" in Baranavichy district;
GLHU "Baranovichi Forestry";
LPA "Baranovichimezhraygaz" in terms of providing the population with fuel;
branch "Baranovichi gortopsbyt."
He is Chairman of the Board for the Coordination of control activities in the area of ??Baranovichi.

Baranovichi district
executive committee
225409, Baranovichi, Sovietskaya str., 79,
e-mail: kanc_brik@barrik.gov.by
Baranovichi district
executive committee
225409, Baranovichi, Sovietskaya str., 79,
e-mail: kanc_brik@open.by
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