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Baranovichi district
executive committee
First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee, Head of the Department of Agriculture and Food - Bykovchenko Evgenij Aleksandrovich
Deputy Heads

Bykovchenko Evgenij Aleksandrovich
Reception: (+375 163) 65-78-27
fax: (+375 163) 65-78-27

Replaces the chairman of the district executive committee in the case of his absence.
Take measures aimed at the development of agricultural production.
Manages agro-industrial complex area. Solves the problems of production and processing of agricultural production, health and safety in agriculture, food insecurity, the development of private farms of citizens, organization of procurement of livestock products, the organization of the agricultural organizations in the area.
Coordinates the implementation of State programs for sustainable rural development for 2011-2015.
Ensure the implementation of the district land and environmental laws, decide on environmental protection and rational use of natural resources.
Supervises the decision-making on allocation of land for use, lease, lifetime inheritable possession, transfer of ownership, as well as the seizure of land.
Responsible for the timeliness and quality of materials to be made in supervised on a meeting of executive committee.

Provides interaction with the executive committee of organizations:
JSC "Baranovichi Milk Factory";
JSC "Baranovichhleboprodukt";
a workshop OJSC "Berezovsky meat-packing plant";
Baranavichy branch of RUE "Brestoblnefteprodukt";
UE "Baranovichi PMS" (curated by the industry).
Supervises the work of posselispolkomov on issues of agricultural production in private farms of citizens and the procurement of surplus agricultural products from the population, control of weeds, the ordering of land use.

Organize the supervision of the work:
institution "Baranovichi District Veterinary Station";
KUSPTP "Baranovichi rajagroservis";
Baranovichi district inspection Gostekhnadzor;
Baranovichi district inspection of seed, plant protection;
GU "Interregional Veterinary Laboratory Baranovichi";
agrohimotdela KUSP «Brest regional planning and surveying station chemicalization";
RUE "Brestsortsemovosch";
UE "Baranovichi ZOOVETSNAB";
PUP Belcoopsoyuz "Baranovichi zverohozyaystvo";
plemstantsii in Baranavichy district RAUE "Brestplempredpriyatie";
hunting and fishing economy BOOR.
Controls the timing and progress of salaries at enterprises, organizations overseen by the industry, the implementation of social standards of public service district in supervised sectors.

Provides guidance to:
Department of Agriculture and Food of the executive committee;
Land Management Services Executive Committee;
Chief specialist of the defense mobilization issues and public warning systems and disaster management in supervised industry.

The head of the commission:
the formation of land;
for acceptance, transfer of reclaimed lands;
the transfer of land plots from one category to another, acting on a permanent basis;
the transfer of agricultural land for agricultural purposes in non-agricultural land, or less productive agricultural land;
the organization of bidding for the right to lease fishing grounds;
to monitor the implementation conditions of the tenants lease ponds.

Coordinates the work of the district:
City and Regional Inspection of Natural Resources and Environment.

Baranovichi district
executive committee
225409, Baranovichi, Sovietskaya str., 79,
e-mail: kanc_brik@barrik.gov.by
Baranovichi district
executive committee
225409, Baranovichi, Sovietskaya str., 79,
e-mail: kanc_brik@open.by
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