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Baranovichi district
executive committee
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The map of the Baranovichi District
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Entrance sign
on the border of Brest region

The Baranovichi District celebrated its 65-anniversary in the year 2005. The district has developed in modern borders in the year 1962. Its area makes 2,2 thousand square kilometers, or 6,7 % from the territory of the Brest region. Extension from the West to the East is 71 km, from the South to the North - 100 km. The district shares its borders with the Lyachovichi and Ivatsevichi districts of the Brest region, Nesvizh district – Minsk region, Slonim, Korelchsk, Novogrudok, Dyatlovsk districts of the Grodno region. The territory of the district includes in the administrative structure 1 village and 21 rural Councils.

In 243 settlements of the district live 46,5 thousand inhabitants, from them in a pension age – 16.042 persons. In the district are 486 large families. 307 veterans and invalids of Great Patriotic war live here.

Baranovichi is famous for prominent people. Here have begun the life twice Hero of the Soviet Union Sergey Ivanovich Gritsevets and the Hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Konstantinovich Kabushkin. 14 Heroes of Socialist Work made here the labor feat.

Among them: the head of collective farm "Iskra" Vilchkovskij B.B., head physician of the Novomyshskiy hospital Gorbatsevich P.D., poultry-woman of Baranovichi battery farm Karpovich A.I., the milkmaid of experimental base "Voljno-Chernihovo" Litskevich T.T., the pig-tender of the collective farm «Zarja of communism» Patsukevich S.N., the brigadier of a field brigade of experimental base "Voljno-Chernihovo" Velenko N.L. and team man of the same base Kocherga V.M., team woman on flax cultivation of the collective farm "Pobeda" Kuchur L.S. and the head of this facilities Matskovskiy A.A., the brigadier Babko A.M., field-crop grower Svetlik N.L., the first secretary of district committee Domenikan N.V., director of state farm "Mir" Duduk A.N.

The history of Baranovichi district leaves in the remote past. Here long since passed the main trading and transport ways from Russia to the Western Europe.

The Baranovichi land has given birth to poets and heroes, has soaked in itself their pleasure and pain. The farm Zaosje has given the world literature well-known poet Adam Mickiewich. In the village Kroshin was born Belarusian poet Pavljuk Bagrim.

During the Great Patriotic War the inhabitants of district have filed on themselves all weight of fascist oppression. On the territory of district fascists have created two death camps. Over 22 thousand persons were destroyed in Koldychevsk camp, and in the village Lesnaya were destroyed more than 88 thousand prisoners. As a grateful memory of decedents were raised 99 monuments and memorial boards.

Veterans of the district at celebrating of
the 60-anniversaries of Belarus liberation from
german-fascist aggressors
The monument to the lost soldiers
in the v. Gorodische

There is a place for a feat and today. The pilot lieutenant colonel Vladimir Nikolaevich Karvat has directed at the cost of own life the falling burning plane to a safe place, having warded off disaster from inhabitants of villages Arabovshchina and Gatishche.

The monument to the first Hero of Belarus
Place of falling
of V.N.Karvat plane

In the district live 83,1 % of Belorussian, 6 % of Russians, 9 % of Poles, 1,9 % of other nationalities.

On the territory of the district flows the rivers: Shchara, Myshanka, Issa, Molotovka, Lohozva, Molchadka, Servechj, Svorotovka, Derevianka, Smolianka, Zmejka, Nitka Novosadka. The biggest lake is Gatj.

The most part of the district is placed on Baranovichi plain, northern part - on the slope of Novogrudok height. Water basins - Gatj and Kutovshchina, lakes - Koldychevskoye, Issa, Domashevichskoye, Pavlinovskoye. The largest large forests: Dobroborskiy, Ezhonskiy, Novosadskiy, Polonkovskiy.

There is on the territory of district the part of Baranovichi botanical reserve of herbs, Molchadskiy planting of the European larch, Tuganovichskiy park, Karchevsk oaks- twins.

On the territory of district pass railways Moscow-Brest, Vilnius-Luninets, Mogilev-Volkovysk-Osipovichi, highways Moscow-Brest, Kobrin-Ivatsevichi-Stolbtsy, Baranovichi-Slonim-Grodno, Baranovichi-Polonka-Slonim, from Baranovichi to Novogrudok, Lyachovichi, Nesvizh.

Baranovichi district
executive committee
225409, Baranovichi, Sovietskaya str., 79,
e-mail: kanc_brik@barrik.gov.by
Baranovichi district
executive committee
225409, Baranovichi, Sovietskaya str., 79,
e-mail: kanc_brik@open.by
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