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Baranovichi district
executive committee

Trading service of population is conducted with 137 trading places of district consumer society.

Manufacture of bread, bakery products, macaroni, confectionery realizes Plant of cooperative industry. Catering includes 13 enterprises rendering services to population of district. Combine of consumer services renders in its 19 complex-reception points practically all spectrum of personal services to population.

Baranovichi district consumer society

Legal address: Baranovichi, Gagarin Str., 19
Contact phones: (+375 163) 42-45-67, (+375 163) 42-21-07

Basic activity kinds:

  • organization of wholesale and retail trade, public catering;
  • organization of purchases at citizens and legal persons agricultural production and raw materials, goods and products of personal subsidiary farms and trade of wild-growing fruits, berries and mushrooms, medicinal -technical raw material, secondary-material resources and other kinds of production and raw materials;
  • manufacture of agricultural production, foodstuff, nonfoods;
  • rendering of paid services to population.
  • organization of markets for goods trade;
  • realization of foreign-economic activity.

Private trade-industrial unitary enterprise «Baranovichi cooperative market»

Legal address: Baranovichi, Chernyshevskiy Str., 11
Contact phones: (+375 163) 42-37-17, (+375 163) 42-40-33

Basic activity kinds:

  • organization of retail trade for natural and legal persons by means of tents, kiosks, trays, open counters;
  • rent of rooms for trade of household goods and equipment;
  • services of enterprises of public catering.

Private industrial-trade unitary enterprise «Gorodishchenskiy cooppromtorg»

Legal address: u.v. Gorodishche, Vezhnovets Str., 10
Contact phones: (+375 163) 44-63-62, (+375 163) 44-63-57

Basic activity kinds:

  • organization of retail trade of goods;
  • manufacture of bakery products, confectionery, flours;
  • organization of purchases by population milk, vegetables, fruits and berries.

Private trading-industrial unitary enterprise «Baranovichi products trade»

Legal address: Baranovichi, Kalinin Str., 140
Contact phones: (+375 163) 42-42-47, (+375 163) 42-51-36

Basic activity kinds:

  • organization of retail trade of agricultural production, building materials;
  • manufacture of agricultural production of cattle-breeding direction;
  • preparation of agricultural production, medicinal-technical raw material, berries, fruits, mushrooms by population and legal persons;
  • preparation of scrap metal and nonferrous metal;
  • cattle slaughter.
Baranovichi district
executive committee
225409, Baranovichi, Sovietskaya str., 79,
e-mail: kanc_brik@barrik.gov.by
Baranovichi district
executive committee
225409, Baranovichi, Sovietskaya str., 79,
e-mail: kanc_brik@open.by
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