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Baranovichi district
executive committee

Culture department of the district executive committee


225320 Belarus, Brest region, Baranovichi, Kuibysheva Str., 21
Tel: (+375 163) 42-49-62, 41-62-04


In total on the territory of Baranovichi district the following cultural institutions are presented:

  • 26 Houses of culture
  • 13 rural clubs
  • 56 libraries, including 15 libraries - clubs
  • 4 children musical schools

District organization-methodical centre


225320 Belarus, Brest region, Baranovichi, Brestskaya Str., 228 а
Tel: (+375 163) 41-62-04


Rendered services:

  • methodical assistance to the club establishments of the district;
  • dissemination of script -methodical materials and recommendations;
  • organization of regional amateur art festivals, competitions and other mass culturalal activities;
  • studying and generalization of the cultural and educational establishments' advanced experience;
  • organization and carrying out of various activities for town and district enterprises or organizations;
  • picking out and training of amateur performances' groups for participation in regional, republical and international competitions and festivals;
  • carrying out of seminars.

District centralized library system


225331 Belarus , Brest region, Baranovichi district, Novaya Mysh
Tel.: (+375 163) 43-01-31


Rendered services:

  • services of a reading room, the subscription in the library;
  • documents distribution in a reading room under the interlibrary subscription;
  • literary drawing room session;
  • lessons on history, local lore and spirituality;
  • poetry evenings;
  • inquiry and information servicies;
  • providing in-doors services for invalids and aged people;
  • o rganization of people leisure by creation of clubs on interests, associations and exhibitions.

Cinema and video service centre


225320 Belarus, Brest region, Baranovichi, Sportivnaya Str., 16


  • activities on propagation of the motion picture arts' best samples, organization of mobile film projectors use and film-lecture halls work;
  • cable network and satellite TV development;
  • presession work with spectators;
  • aducational and methodical film-video materials under applications of the district agricultural enterprises.

Regional handicraft centre


225350 Belarus , Brest region, Baranovichi district, v. Rusino
Tel.: (+375 163) 44-82-31


  • activities on revealing local and regional features of traditional crafts; cooperation with educational institutions, separate experts, participation in work of systimatical services;
  • actions on propagation of the Belarusian crafts' best samples;
  • creation and work of creative studios and workshops;
  • organization of exhibitions and exhibition-sales;
  • excursions and meetings with masters;
  • development of the tourist routes, devoted to well-known countrymen, educators and masters.

House of culture in v. Kroshin
Baranovichi district
executive committee
225409, Baranovichi, Sovietskaya str., 79,
e-mail: kanc_brik@barrik.gov.by
Baranovichi district
executive committee
225409, Baranovichi, Sovietskaya str., 79,
e-mail: kanc_brik@open.by
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