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The industrial potential in district define today factories of ferroconcrete items, sanitary engineering electronic storages, the peat enterprise "Kolpenitsa" , a timber enterprise, the gravel-sorting plant "Omnevichi" . Industrial enterprises of district produce the various assortment and the nomenclature of goods, main of them are: peat, sand -gravel-macadam mixes, ferroconcrete products, sanitary, electrotechnical production, products from wood and other kinds.

SFE «Baranovichi timber enterprise»

State Forestry Establishment «Baranovichi timber enterprise» 

Legal address: Baranovichi, Majakovskiy Str., 7
Contact phones: (+375 163) 42-13-38, (+375 163) 42-39-63 

Basic activity kinds:

  • preservation and protection of a wood against fires, illegal throws, pests and illnesses;
  • care and wood recovery;
  • throws of main using;
  • wood processing;
  • wood realization on home and foreign market.

Industrial Republican Unitary Enterprise «Factory of ferroconcrete items»

Legal address: Baranovichi, Kirov Str., 75 

Contact phones: (+375 163) 47-06-76, (+375 163) 47-03-50

Basic activity kinds:

  • Manufacture of combined ferroconcrete product.

Industrial Republican Unitary Peat Enterprise "Kolpenitsa".

Legal address: s. Octjabrskiy
Contact phones: (+375 163) 43-82-34, (+375 163) 43-82-23

Basic activity kinds:

  • Manufacture and realization of peat

Branch gravel-sorting plant "Omnevichi"

Legal address: v. Zastarinje
Contact phones: (+375 163) 42-33-43, (+375 163) 44-98-75

Basic activity kinds:

  • Manufacture of sand-gravel-macadam mixes and its realization to legal and natural persons.

Joint stock company «Baranovichi plant of san-engineering electronic storages»

Legal address: Baranovichi, Proletarskaya Str., 46
Contact phones (+375 163) 47-06-76, (+375 163) 47-03-50

Basic activity kinds:

  • Manufacture of sanitary, electro-technical production.

Republican Unitary Industrial Agricultural enterprise "Battery farm "Druzhba"

Legal address: s. Zhemchuzhnyj
Contact phones: (+375 163) 42-42-36, (+375 163) 43-16-41

Basic activity kinds:

  • Manufacture of agricultural production (meat of chickens-broilers, meat of cattle, fowl meat);
  • Manufacture of production from fowl meat;
  • Manufacture of soda drinking water;
  • Shops of firm commerce in Baranovichi.

Manufacture of eggs on Baranovichi battery farm

Territory of b/f "Druzhba"
Young growth of broilers

Joint-stock company "Vostochnoye"

Legal address: v. Sevrjuki
Contact phones: (+375 163) 42-26-89, (+375 163) 43-21-41

Basic activity kinds:

  • Manufacture of pork, milk;
  • Manufacture of meat production;
  • Shop of firm commerce in Baranovichi.

Cultivation of pigs
Exhibition of JSC "Vostochnoye" production "